This week we keep the blog post simple

A good week. Stalled on making these little wave paintings. Made template to cut stencils for them, inspired from this series. In the marketing department I’m into my 3rd week of posting a card a day from the Pet Oracle Cards set I did the art for Dr. Anyes Van Volkenburg of Malibu, California. Put together

11 Mar 2016

Friday the 19th

It’s 9 PM EST and I’m just finishing writing this crap cause I said I would so here “you” go 🙂 About to wrap up another era long month moving my FB marketing here also I’ve been using this iPhone5 to Instagram here a smart phone I already mentioned I traded for some art and in listening to

19 Feb 2016

Rock & Roll Hall of Frames

We’re (yes finally WE!) streamlining our venture for the LGM which means I will dress the part- something Lisa Adams told me to do in art school in 1997. She is the one who sent me to BN Framed in Santa Monica– where I started my real world art education- Brian, the proprietor, taught me

10 Feb 2016


Starting Monday I will blog a bit a day. I know I’m supposed to put my eating habits on Twitter butt I’ll be doin git here if I need to fill space. Again, this is just practise. There may be no content, just me needing to develop a new habit mixed with my new years

05 Dec 2015

Wait Loss on Black Friday

I watch a BBC on weight-loss.  This is a calory counting documentary which I almost skip because I am a carbohydrate observer. I am a pro-bacon fat and spinach salad and anti-sugar & flour by religion Adkins and Newport 100s follower.. really a Ben and Jerrys practiser. (5) The BBC guy found that exercising on a stationary

27 Nov 2015

Daily Art Post – May 13, 2015


13 May 2015

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12 May 2015

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11 May 2015

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10 May 2015

Daily Art Post – May 9, 2015


09 May 2015
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