Year End Meanderings

IMPORTANT: The rest is just: CrazytalkTM with or without Pablum Pickerasso by me Well, this is hardly the last post of the year. I think I made 6 total. I’m no longer putting two spaces after my periods. I can’t write for munch, but I’m going to it. One chunk at a time. I

21 Nov 2013

I Bet a Nickel!

You can’t bet a goddamn nickel Martini- you got a bet a dime if you break it in half you ain’t got two nickels you got shit so try and smoke it! or something like that which is weirder still cause I’m postin up my next group show Sunday November 24th at Gallery 50/50 in

19 Nov 2013

Hinnebusch Art Store on ZAZZLE now live!

Well I was telling at least one of my friends I had secret special news! A little over a year ago I got to have an art exhibit at a very cool little restaurant on Zuma Beach in Malibu. The show was curated by Brigitte Perrault and after the show she signed a deal with

18 Nov 2013

It’s an L.A. Tour (Then You Think) – my new website tour

Finally everything is art and better- everything is genius! So get your butt out of the butter bucket Santa, a new day is on the way.  I’ve been thinking about making second cap punnies thanks to my poor laptop typing skills- I keep thinking Grammar Girl or someone has to come up with sticky seconds

13 Nov 2013

one line

I need a one sentence description of my work from YOU for this this new big secret thing I’m part of but I’m afraid to ask after all my first critique by professor Sir Laddie John Dill called me either or was it and, I’m a really bad painter or a genius.. so now that

25 Oct 2013

#starvingartist #Hfn13 #mariosperuvianseafood

As good as it gets.

27 Sep 2013

Guess what I’m painting today!


24 Sep 2013

Big Sunday Sweet Art Post

Not sure who’s getting this but for good measure the first 2 people to ask get a free signed print plus $3.25 for shipping a $40 value 😉

22 Sep 2013

All Over the Place!

I just realized I’m finally truly ALL OVER THE PLACE (Fawlty Towers comes to mind as well!) right now I’m in Burlington looking for a room to rent.. tomorrow I go to Pittsburgh for the 4th, Yesterday I was in Montreal and last week I was in L.A. on a live painting gig.. and two

03 Jul 2013

Hfn13 March 28 2013

HFNno.13 The Hinnebusch Fictitious Newsletter by Los Angeles artist David Hinnebusch and his trustworthy sidekick Pablum Pickerasso* editors note + art + food + music + film + writing +  life + help & the business of creativity, etc.. THIS ISSUE ART – “INSIDE THE MIND OF A MADMAN” EXHIBIT AT THE NAVARRO RESIDENCE APRIL 13th 2013 /

29 Mar 2013
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