About me

I grew up in Southern California, love good food and the idea of surfing!

The artwork is a dragnet of psyche, semi- narrative autobiography fancied & real.  90% of the work is figurative expressionism in mixed mediums; the rest New California Landscapes.

see also:

The Hinne-5000 by David Hinnebusch

Main Artwork Website: www.fakeart.net net net

*The hfilms.com Company™ & The Hinnebusch Fictitious Industries™ Group of Fake Companies were founded in 1994, and have been providing quality original artworks made by David Hinnebusch to the public and television/ film production industry. Located in Malibu, California, with deep roots in Venice, California and Nairobi, Kenya, Bali Indonesia and New York City, Hfilms.com projects are made to inspire.


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