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The Cinema as Art

Reading a little bit of “The Cinema as Art” by Ralph Stephenson and J.R. Debrix. Both spent time in concentration camps in WW2. One in the South Pacific and the other in Europe. I bought it and 4 other film books at Counterpoint Books and Records on Franklin Ave. in Hollywood. I never went there when I lived up near the Hollywood Sign in Beachwood Canyon. Oh whoops.. just posted my daily art post, sidetracked. Must practice blogging. No body is reading this so I can write whatever. The book- the book! The book starts off by saying that film criticism is new in the 1960s and should be treated like literary criticism. I also enjoyed them mention this new communistic movement of anti-art in film, music, painting and literature. I’m assuming they are talking about abstract-expressionism. That’s cool. That’s all I remember. I will read some more now and wee what I remember tomorrow.

My script and less so the novel is written with a lot of gibberi-shtick banter which I find lovely and so far there is a lot of exposition. This in TV terms is called boring, so for now, even though it is a third hard draft now being drawn into the graphic novel, I must accept that I am making a kind of abstract show bible. I’m very happy about it because I’m think that once I have enough of the process in place I can start to do better versions, until I have a real pilot I can shoot to shop. I am also hoping that other creator fans will jump in and participate in a fan realm.

There, I did it. 15 minutes.



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