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July 2 2018 Update

Hey- Have not been here for 8 months!!!! I’ve been writing- currently up to the end of Season 7 of my TV show- The Lost Angels Guide to Psychic Awareness, when in my heros, me and Walty my funny writing partner have grinded to a halt and are now trying to quit the business altogether. The graphic navel version of the project is on page 27! As for art, I have at least 100 hundred pieces on paper and many of them are finished! What else? I have my Patreon page up¬† for review and will have it live in a week or so! Lastly I’m reprinting the pet tarot card for the Korean market- just need to raise 3k to pay for the printing.

Also preparing to create- really to get help creating, the animated and gaming bits of the project. Lots to work on.

And maybe the worst part is I know I don’t have an entertaining story so for now I have to count on the blank and coloring book pages of the story to make it work.



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