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oh crap, I don’t have time to write down all the groovy things I did today one of which was not writing damn it! But I did the stairs and I had coffee with my old guitar player Mike Caulder about the good old days and now I am sitting here to start Season 06 Episode 10 for a couple hours then go watch the Dodgers win the world series and maybe the rest of the Steelers Lions(my fourth favorite team after the Chargers and anyone playing the Patriots) game I’ve been scraping away at all week. Somehow that dirnt get spoilt four me. Anyway, it’s a very scary time for me creatively this week. I am about to try and merge my expressionistic(or better obtuse or skew or nonsensical or as Jack Grapes calls it Absence of Field writing with my expressionistic art into a graphic novel/ art catalog.
See I’ve been good at these things: collecting books, writing words, posting on the Instagram, making hundred of paintings, verbiage poems, what else– drawings, liking things on social media, doing the stairs, even a little marketing- 100 days of art posts on FB years ago made me almost 10k all in, I’ve spent about $500 in 5 years on FB which I hate.

So out of time-

here’s the thing: I have to make a graphic novel that tells a story. I have a new 22″ tablet and I’ve been making art on it and the algorithms of the pen strokes are delicious- a delicious acrylic trap- last year, without a studio I decided to only work on one standard size paper format 22x28in. — I ended up with 100 pounds of art! So from now on except for small runs of painting I will do and then destroy, I’m gonna like in the digital narrative of a well-deserved demise-a-nance.

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