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Update 10/29/2017

Years. Years have passed. I’m writing every day, trying to sell art, and trying to sell apparel with my art on it. Last week I dipped into my prudent reserve to buy samples of active leggings for women with my art on them, the Hinneline label. Yesterday I headed out to Beverly Hills to deliver a pair to a friend of mine and while I was waiting I figured it wouldn’t hurt to stick my head into Neiman Marcus, Sacks 5th Avenue, and Barneys New York, see if I can find buyers. I got numbers. The executive staff was super helpful and one of the sales guys told me how to make initial contact. Don’t send samples or images. Get the meeting, lookbook in hand. Before I got out of Neimans one sale lady had a look at them and almost bought a pair for her daughter! So I got upstairs went outside and asked a couple of obvious tourist shoppers if they’d wear em. The mom said never and the daughter said in a Tejas drawl I’d probably never either. Where are you ladies from? “Houston. “Oh OK thank you! A couple of women from Houston broke my heart!” Dawn Rader and K. Out in front of Sack two women, speaking Italian said yes they’d love to see em!


Then I went into Sacks and they gave me a card for the person who could hook me up with buyers. Barneys said the corporate office was in New York. Then I said high to the folks at Christie’s and asked them if I could lay my leggings at the feet of an ancient Chinese embroidery, they said yes. At the corner of Brighton Way and N. Camden at Teuscher coffee at a personal vortex psychic vortex. There, I complimented a woman aloud, whilst she waited adorned colorful scarf around her neck, and she promptly took me over to a private gym called Equinox, which happens to be my favorite Jean Michel Jarre Album, and introduced mine to the manager who gave me the buyers info. Then to lay the pair on a new Rolls Royce and by then my friend called and I met here in Century City, who gave me a ton of fantastic advice!


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