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Season 3 Episode 1

Wow. I’m here. I went to my first Screenplay workshop last night- called the tribe at the Unurban Cafe. It was a fantastic but fuzzy experience. I’m starting Season 3 Episode 1 of my Fake(TV)show and all is lost- a complete disaster! I’ve been getting up for good and early to write for 4-5 hours every morning a year now and I finally feel like I can take a little time to write about what I am doing for the purpose of sharing and building a fan base, if and only if it’s one person. Went to Chez Jays for the first time a few days ago- the shrimp were delicious! The steak was good. It was frigging noisy as hell in there but somehow I got to torture my friend Mark with my progress. Last time he suggested I read the book that spawned Adaptation and this time he said to go see “I am a Knife with Legs”.  My buddy also said that my story so far sounded good but that it needs to go somewhere, that we need to care about the characters. Shoot! I forgot about that! Turns out unlike art for art sake, where someone will like it, writing for network television or youtube these days should at least hint at the idea of being entertaining. We’ll see about that. Was it John Cale who came out and played one note, then left the stage? Maybe I can come out and somehow play all the notes at once and never leave!

It’s 7:15 AM, I must go now.

See you tomorrow!

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