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Setting up shop on Shopify

So I have the first design up on my new Shopify site with all my art and it looks ok- I mean I stuffed a bunch of other stuff in there with some curation but again, I feel like I’m stuck with a hunk of junk- but here is what I know now compared to what I’ve been doing over the last 15 years in the POD (Print on Demand) market. I’ve been in all of them, Zazzle, Fine Art America, Imagekind, Saatchi Online, one in Berlin, Something6- only Imagekind made a sale for me and that was after I paid $100 to go pro- I made $100. POD karma. So this time I know a little bit more- I can’t say Printful is better yet- but they offer American Apparel and you make $10+ on each sale so that is good- I hope. I posted up on Instagram and FB and got a couple likes from real friends- I mean this may all be complete bullshit AGAIN but my hope is, as I develop “content” for tradition marketing outlets, this will serve as a place to shop.

OK that’s all I have. Drivel for the record.leggings

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