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Moving Art and Stuff Around – Saturday AM Post

A busy couple weeks! Shipped “Blue Wave” to the Hamptons (a bike ride away from this famous artists residence,¬†dropped a book that I made for O’Gara Coach Company to thank them for the 3 times they let me paint live there. Also, printed the 1st 5 Artist Proofs of “International Women’s Day 2016” at Duganne Atelier and framed them at BN Framed and there is only a few left! Also still plugging away at opening my Shopify Store, still writing, and I’ve been exercising again (the stairs and yoga!) which feels great. Also started using a new healthy diet supplement thanks to my friend and mentor Troy Casey, last night I went to see my friend MXF’s art opening (see video below Blue Wave vid..) – what else what else – went to the valley and emptied on of my storage containers- now I only have 3 left and art stashed at 6 locations! The Artist’s Way.


David HInnebusch presents new art book to O'GAra Coach in Beverly HIlls, California

Serious business. Get the eBook here


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Cash For Your Hinnebusch - Issue 1

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