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Friday April 15 2016 – In Los Angeles – Moving Art!

Just popped my newsletter (two hours to make the blog and newsletter today!) Click here to read it:

Hi! A quick list of the to dos and I’m listening to Steely Dan – Can’t Buy a Thrill ( Full Album.) Things in RED are still on my list of TODOS

  1. Make an ad out for young journalists in NYC and L.A. to help me interview some of my amazing collectors for the 1st season of the Hfn (The Hinnebusch Arts Fictitious Newsletter.) This is going to available as a hardcopy magazine.
  2. Write and send out the now semi-annual Hinnebusch quarterly email newsletter! Just sent it!!!!
  3. I get on the phone to move film rentals art in April. Made one call to an agent via LinkedIn (No call back) May be able to push this until August
  4. Continue my painting and then list them with on opening bid of $25!  looking at doing this on Shopify. OK, signed up for Shopify and now need to populate it with my art! 
  5. Continue with the Entrepreneur class. THIS IS SO GOOD! Learned about CAP TABLES and SWEAT
  6. Visit my producer to help me start scheduling milestones.
  7. Prepping framed pieces to take to my secret rock and roll project
  8. and delivered the International Women’s Day 2016 prints to BN Framed from Duganne Ateliers.from Duganne Ateliers



  9. Delivered “Blue Wave” to BN to frame and then ship to NYC


    Blue Wave 54x54in. acrylic on mailbag and wood – sold


    Delivered an artbook I made for O’Gara Coach to thank them for the three times I got to paint live there. These people are my sales superheroes. You can download the free ebook here.


  11. “Chew” and “Oh My God” in situ in Westwood, California Rose Inn
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