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Friday April Fools Day 2016

(Opening crap moved to the bottom. Actually I left it on the clipboard and over clipped it so you get a different thing after all.)

The list from last week changed to reflect what happened this week because I am chomping at the bit to write elsewhere! WORKED ON ITEMS ARE IN RED.

  1. Make an ad out for young journalists in NYC and L.A. to help me interview some of my amazing collectors for the 1st season of the Hfn (The Hinnebusch Arts Fictitious Newsletter.) This is going to available as a hardcopy magazine.
  2. Write and send out the now semi-annual Hinnebusch quarterly email newsletter.
  3. I get on the phone to move film rentals art in April. Made one call to an agent via LinkedIn
  4. Continue my painting and then list them with on opening bid of $25!  looking at doing this on Shopify.
  5. Continue with the Entrepreneur class. THIS IS SO GOOD! Learned about CAP TABLES and SWEAT


  6. FINISHED a new infographic class.
  7. Start my next art book, book 3 of  “Cash for Your Hinnebusch”  Instead, because I have a huge celebrity access list, considering getting a book funded.
  8. Started looking at Shopify because I want both auctions and descending price auction apps in my store. 
  9. Start a course on selling on Pinterest! – part of my Shopify plan.
  10. continue writing. 
  11. Spoke to my producer to help me start scheduling milestones.
  12. And since I’ve been devouring productivity and marketing information with the single purpose actually learning and doing what I learn, I hope to use my Learning About Learning knowledge (I’m reading the book) to go back and really understand some of the material I learning in Jack Grapes.
  13. Almost done finished with The Poisonwood Bible (1998), by Barbara Kingsolver. Jesus Christ already. I love it and now know why writers read. So this is what great writing is and if I think I can make 6 fat segments of narrative bread with different jewels all edible and shite to follow her I have another thing coming, but I know this is no time to think anything good about my writing future. Not after this. It’s just you and I or me and you reading this. Just you! One day you will say “The Cherry Ruby” to me at the bullshit ceremony or party somewhere and I will have forgotten. If fact, some of you have already told me and I really appreciate it!

So that’s it for actions. I will now indulge in some rumination-thing here-because.  That is how I write. Aw heck I got sidetracked remember to mention that I’m almost done with Poisonwood Bible (above) — shoot!  Oh yeah thank you brain- In the course of my crap-ling- no, my writing- I mean enough buckets in the middle of the living room is enough already- I got to searching for the meaning of Salad Days and found it but also got googled the movie and I wouldn’t have read more (even though as I did I knew nothing would come of it) for the release date match my 25th anniversary (is that silver?) from obvious destruction to warm destruction- and what do you know! It’s the move about D.C. punk rock in the 80s- Ian from Minor Threat- which instantly takes me into the punk rock slam dancing pit at Devonshire Downs where Jimi Hendrix played, Northridge where an earthquake did kill friends of friends when I was out that way across the street from The Cabrito House where that all started (Oh wow this is from my salad days novel!) – Anyway I find it a bit ironic that it was at straight edge Minor Threat concert I found myself slam dancing to opposite way of the tourbillon screaming “don’t conform don’t be sheep!” Screaming and getting punched in the face for it- Didn’t they see that slam dancing in a circle was the end of punk rock – see in the beginning they pogo-eyed like popcorn but then we jumped in and ping ponged on mouse traps but then it all ended in 1983 with the tourbillon. So that’s what I got to thinking about in the massive distraction of stopping to search a term in the course of my writing.. I’m not going to even proof this part! cheers!

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