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The Friday Post on Saturday – Posted on Sunday!


Highlighted the items worked on below in red.

  1. Make an ad out for young journalists in NYC and L.A. to help me interview some of my amazing collectors for the 1st season of the Hfn (The Hinnebusch Arts Fictitious Newsletter.) This is going to available as a hardcopy magazine.
  2. Write and send out the now semi-annual HInnebusch quarterly email newsletter.
  3. I get on the phone to move film rentals art in April.
  4. Continue my painting and then list them with on opening bid of $25!
  5. Continue with the Entrepreneur class.
  6. Start a new infographic class.
  7. Start my next art book, book 3 of “Cash for Your Hinnebusch”
  8. Finish the Pet Card posts on Instagram and then move on to a drawing a day (not for sale), and
  9. Start a course on selling on Pinterest!
  10. continue writing–  And since I’ve been devouring productivity and marketing information with the single purpose actually learning and doing what I learn, I hope to use my Learning About Learning knowledge (I’m reading the book) to go back and really understand some of the material I learning in Jack Grapes.

OK, this is going to be a quick post but at least I’m trying to stay at it. First, I’m loving these classes and I’m getting stuff I can use to get my business up a running. Also I am very excited about doing infographics to tell the story of my art career and interests! Weird coincidence the three universities I’m learning from are from California, Pennsylvania and Michigan (Where my folks are from- though they went to (and met at) Duquesne University. This week I

  1. Finished the 1st course in Entrepreneurship at Wharton and signed up for the second course, devoured the Infographic course at Michigan State University, and for fun started a Ableton Music Production class. Go here to see more: Thank you David McFedden!
  2. Pushed a little closer to starting my own naked sarcastic comic strip tease by learning how to import handwriting into Adobe Illustrator.
  3. Listening to The Poisonwood Bible (1998), by Barbara Kingsolver (Right now, on Sunday and I feel like crying right now but I will not.) My father killed a cobra in the garden once.
  4. I listened to Playing to the Edge by Michael Hayden after hearing his talk on Booktv.
  5. It’s Sunday and I painted yesterday! Also I had all the windows of my small amazing shotgun apartment in Montreal. Last night I had to lean out over my paintings on the floor to pull the window down and strangely enough the window, nice new modern in frame and glass popped right out for fun and popped me on the forehead. I’m glad it hit my by the frame as I can only imagine what horrible disaster would have befallen me had it hit me from it’s paine! (See attached pictureknukle head) Well there, I got some weird artist life related banter in! Reminds me of the time ten years ago when I dropped a big painting on my toe and how it smashed my toe in an ugly flat blood squish.
  6. I’ve been mulling over the best way to launch my two tiered plan to reach the luxury goods market and at the same time sell my “wave paintings” on Ebay. I have to remind myself that I still want to make my art available to people who don’t have money for original art and that there are people for whom money is no object that don’t care if people below their station in life own my work as well.  OK, a little bullshit in this post as well!

    Wave painting time-lapse #wip #waves #workinprogress #painting

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That’s it for this week! Next week I will continue the aforementioned list.

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