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Well I Tried to Keep it Simple! Friday, March 18, 2016

OK Well there is my list of to dos from last week and I did not do any of it! But we are sticking to our brooms and will just make a simple list of accomplishments, one SIMPLE thought about something, and the list of what I want to have done before next week ends. Last week I ended up writing that blog post for two hours so this week I’m really going to keep it simple. NOT!!!! Anyway, my list from last week:

  1. Make an ad out for young journalists in NYC and L.A. to help me interview some of my amazing collectors for the 1st season of the Hfn (The Hinnebusch Arts Fictitious Newsletter.) This is going to available as a hardcopy magazine.
  2. Send out quarterly email newsletter
  3. I get on the phone to move art in April

OK, so what did I do this week?

  1. I continued painting the wave paintings. New Markets for Artists by Brainard & Delia Carey helped me come up with an idea that might help me sell some art while trying to break into the luxury goods world. This may take years. The idea is to have a line of original paintings that are simple, commercial, and still fun to make, and be made available on Ebay. I can built, if ever so slowly- (it could take 3- 5 years), a base of collectors and remain be accessible to anyone paying attention, in the beginning at least. In a way, I did this on Venice Beach- kids got my art for really low prices. The goal was to sell 100 paintings, which I did. It took 3 years. If you don’t know my work, it is intensely personal, very loose in stages and very raw; some be call terrible but not in a nice way. It is my style. So I will do it this again, this time for business reasons, not that the idea I was serving the poor with expensive original art was my goal. I was taking credit for my circumstances- I mean, in truth, if I had landed in a big gallery after art school (I was offered a scholarship to RISD which I turned down because- I am an idiot- no regrets though!), I think I might be one of those snotty asshole artists (really its the job, not the person- I know plenty successful people who are, when off the clock, sweet as can be) On a tangent- just one- I worked in film and used to say I’d never be an asshole to my crew when I directed and of course, when I did (making my reel) I got called out for yelling at my DP for rolling without me- so– it can be the job unless you are strong inside or really are an asshole (which I don’t think I am)– OK I’m editing and adding all this crap– sorry !!  What I don’t know is whether this will kill my plans to sell a larger painting for 100k or not, but I have a feeling, just in time for the www to be closed by big business, that I can pull it off- I’m in that market as well so– the wave paintings my fun line! Case in point- when I did the “100 Days, 100 Paintings for 100 Bucks”event on Facebook I sold 5 to the only real art collector that had ever purchase my art in the past and she went on to but my more expensive art! All that time I thought she didn’t spend more because of the $100 buck price point I created, but in truth it was because her walls were covered! So there you go, sometimes you get things completely backwards! Thank you Dan Ariely!  The nudes, self-portraits and mixed media monsters will be reserved for art connoisseurs will even deeper pockets that the 1%-ers- the .1%-ers. So what for my shrinking middle class market, my bread and butter? Well, they can go for a wave painting if they must have an original OR they can get a limited edition print! Which is #2
  2. I just set up my first official offering of a limited edition Giclée print by the world famous Jack Duganne AteliersThe print will be made available Monday in a limited edition (technically open until Women’s Day 2017 at which time I will start the 2017 edition.)Hinnebusch_Womens_Day_2016-POSTER-FINAL_rgb-framed
  3. Started an Entrepreneur class at The Wharton School and it is fantastic. Let’s see what did I learn so far that will help my art business? Well, I can’t say much yet, but I’m taking the class to learn how to actually turn my art business into a working enterprise- oh- one thing is that, while there isn’t an entrepreneurial “type”, they do seem to be visionary optimists. I am one of those. What is great about the course is that the 7 professors who teach the class come at the subject from different fields (tech, finance, non-profit.) OK anyway I’m in the class and- OH DUH! The subject of “segmenting the market” segmentis part of the course- the very thing I’m doing with the wave paintings. But here I will actually learn how to solve the problem with a system to make it work (or at least understand what I’m doing.) OK I’m feeling like this isn’t keeping it simple and I’m already on 3 hours into writing this damn blog! BOO!
  4. I sold a painting to one of my collectors. This is from my “blackline” collection and may be the beginning of a huge venture. I can not talk about this yet but it’s good! Does anyone know Sean Penn? I want to sell Sean Penn a painting. I also want to sell Steve Martin a painting. and Oprah.. the list goes on..
  5. Continued with The Paul Klein Artist videos on YouTube- he talks to people like Jerry Saltz and I love it. It may or may not be my world one day but it makes the art world seem a little more accessible. For Instance, in one interview with a museum staffer who offered a list of things an artist can do to help the museum people have your show, you learn that 80%+ of their artists don’t actually do that. The inference is that by preparing to win the lottery by making a vision board of all the things you will buy with your lottery winnings will help you win the lottery.  I can’t help think about Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a book I found terrible in so many ways, about certain ideas keep  appearing like black crows in the periphery of my mind– namely that luck is the only real albeit un-measurable factor of success in certain areas- maybe it is a cognitive bias I have (Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman)– anyway I tangent-ing again! killing my creative writing Friday! So much for writing something mI would want my mom to read!!!!Anyway, I’m getting good stuff from Klein and I’ve ordered his book-  in the end you still need to be social if you want to sell- and you should do “great” work 0r “good” work depending on the market you are after..
  6. Continued work on the rentals business, now – I have a plan and am very excited about it. Something else happened this week which is a great story but I don’t have time to tell it- but it’s good!
  7. Continued a pretty good habit of working on my novel for two hours M-F which is fantastic! Go Jack Grapes! (Really, this is the best kept writing secret in Hollywood,)

OK that’s it I’m out of time. 2.5 hours this time!

This week

  1. Make an ad out for young journalists in NYC and L.A. to help me interview some of my amazing collectors for the 1st season of the Hfn (The Hinnebusch Arts Fictitious Newsletter.) This is going to available as a hardcopy magazine.
  2. Write and send out the now semi-annual HInnebusch quarterly email newsletter.
  3. I get on the phone to move film rentals art in April.
  4. Continue my painting and then list them with on opening bid of $25!
  5. Continue with the Entrepreneur class,
  6. Start a new infographic class
  7. Start my next art book, book 3 of “Cash for Your Hinnebusch”
  8. Finish the Pet Card posts on Instagram and then move on to a drawing a day (not for sale), and
  9. Start a course on selling on Pinterest!
  10. continue writing–  And since I’ve been devouring productivity and marketing information with the single purpose actually learning and doing what I learn, I hope to use my Learning About Learning knowledge (I’m reading the book) to go back and really understand some of the material I learning in Jack Grapes.
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