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This week we keep the blog post simple

  1. 22x28in. stencil

    Blue Wave, 22x28in. stencil

    A good week. Stalled on making these little wave paintings. Made template to cut stencils for them, inspired from this series.

  2. In the marketing department I’m into my 3rd week of posting a card a day from the Pet Oracle Cards set I did the art for Dr. Anyes Van Volkenburg of Malibu, California.
  3. Put together the 1st EVER professionally scanned image of my artwork for sale as a limited edition print. It is called “INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2016” and features “Missy Gets a New Dress” It should be available beginning next week.
  4. Finished rebranding my art online by make my main website and making net net the flagship for my art rentals business. I mean, “fake” art for “fake” people (film and TV characters) makes more sense right?
  5. Writing everyday and very excited about the result. I wrote all week and am slowly squeezing in one and INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2016sometimes two Pomodoros per day, which is great and exciting. Thanks to “Learning About Learning,” I am now very aware of the need to resist being pulled off the task to do “research.” By the way, though I know I am writing in tongues, I still have a story and this feels great as it is an unfinished project I’ve had since 1974. By 2026 I expect a film based on the novel.
  6. OH! And I’ve been watching Paul Klein YouTube videos on the art business, finished listening to The Wake by Paul Kingsnorth. Also this year finished: Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynne, Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, New Markets for Artists by Brainard Carey, The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Teleb, Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely.
  7. Approached by a small record label to do an LP record for Entropy. We will be recording it April and I’m thinking about doing a Kickstarter to help pay for the mechandising of the project.
  8. This week, I’m listening to Playing to the Edge by Michael V. Hayden

Tonight I will paint!

Next week:

  1. Make an ad out for young journalists in NYC and L.A. to help me interview some of my amazing collectors for the 1st season of the Hfn (The Hinnebusch Arts Fictitious Newsletter.) This is going to available as a hardcopy magazine.
  2. Send out quarterly email newsletter
  3. I get on the phone to move art in April

My trick to finally keeping it simple? Well, I now (will) make my blog post for two people in mind- my Mom and Dad (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!- check out my dad’s Swahili Poetry Project here), who are still my biggest patrons and who deserve to see that I am really making an effort at making a living as an artist. I do all my meandering and tangential nonsense writing in my fiction.

OK that’s almost all it, I’ve sent aside 15 minutes on am Fridays to post this and I am now 30 minutes over!! Cheers!



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