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Friday the 19th

It’s 9 PM EST and I’m just finishing writing this crap cause I said I would so here “you” go 🙂

About to wrap up another era long month moving my FB marketing here also I’ve been using this iPhone5 to Instagram here a smart phone I already mentioned I traded for some art and in listening to New Markets for Artists For Artists by Brainard Carey #brainardcarey on it, and I’ve decided to make some small big wave paintings on nice substrates that I will list on eBay to get some flow (and cause I LOVE my collectors and want to get them as much art as they want before I do make that 1st ridiculously helpful sale- I no longer have to worry about bullshit and really I never did! Last year I tried all kinds of stupid things- a grocery store style flyer, a Disneyland style ticket book- I tried everything but what worked the year before- consistent sales calls! So first I will digress with an insight and then, where it says START HERE, I will get down to business (almost.)

HOWEVER occurred to me a few hours ago that the reason people love smartphones so much it that we see our one and only reflected face on the screen (if only subconsciously) whereas when watching television we have to share our reflection with the space we live in. Of course, you don’t notice that, but the only thing that is constant is that you are looking at yourself all day every day forever with subconscious logos and what ever horror you really find entertaining branded on your subconscious pine-eek-eel foreheads! I mean I know it’s not in our genes to be sitting by the pool staring at ourselves all day so maybe it’s just another one of my less thought out flash ideas not worth considering. Or maybe.. just maybe, I have to check my FACE more often with the conscious knowledge that I really am a creature of habit that loves to.. anyway, I love Instagram now as well but put the iFoam away when I’m around humans I know in the flesh in real life as in they are right there in 4D moving and talking to me- unless of course they have pulled out their iPhone in which iPhone case I pull mine out after awarding them a dirty look thought.  I’m sure this kind of talk is on the internet somewhere I just want you to know I’m catching up! And I no longer think no one is reading this so I’m editing a little more everytime- which reminds me to mention what a great week it was!

My business partner and I just picked (that’s the trick- tell serious minded VIP folk who you hope are considering buying your art one day to always skip to the START HERE paragraph of the blog post to be concise and useful) (leave out as to be that which)– a hem..cropped-logo-blue-1.jpg


—> picked up three pieces from BN Framed this week and we are planning a secret meeting with a special-lets-say manufacturer to help with the marking of the art- before he takes off to shanghai China with some Hinne-art  winking in new hoods. What else, art to China, art to Lynn,  when you get there- ALSO I wrote all week, re-themed this blog, cleaned up, found out I could wait to take care of something, made my art rentals website (as it makes more sense to brand my art for fictional settings “FAKE” net net “Real Art for Fake People” will be the tag for a Google Adwords campain..

(Remind me to tell you the handwritten story I will tell Eli Broad about accounting and SMC one day and I have to tell you the car thing by what’s his name bugged me for personal reasons nothing to do with art.) WOW LOOK MOM I’m BLOGGING KIND OF

BTW, I watch some Kubrick doc narrated by Tom and it really put the hook in me.. I need to have a projects page so I can start raising seed money for all my projects– but I don’t want investors- I want to get that 1st 80k hit- but how is it going to happen?

I guess my first – my next paying someone to will be on Hatchfund and it will be to re-contextualize my art in a simple pine frame- costs about $300 a piece and you know for a retail price will make it worth every penny.

BUT- as I said before, I’ve deep into New Markets for Artists For Artists for “F” farting artists and I’m so ready to stop hating and being bitter for no reason (which is really only true when I think about certain stupid things that don’t bother me in other fields like film production- so other than letting go of my secret desire to stay in the studio all day I will stay in the studio all day and work BUT be a little more methodical- wait way.. there you go again Ronald Regan- Regan? that can’t be spelt right can it? Reagan.. Ray gun good fun.

The 1st Issue of The Hinnebusch Fictitious (InThinking Slow Thinking Fastdustries Mode Select™) NEWSLETTER (you use the ALT key and the numbers pad on the right of the keyboard- I just learned that!)

(You use the ALT key and the numbers pad on the right of the keyboard- I just learned that!)

So the 1st printed (on recycled paper) Issue of the Hfn will start with me making an editorial calendar (I think) and figuring out how to find young journalists to interview for it- the Hfn being dedicated to the people whom I am a fan of- my collectors to start with, but then- I got an email from pops this week correcting me for the last time as to the correct dates of my 2nd trip to Kenya- from 1972- 1973! not 1971- 1972- and here is the fucked up part- I never believed him! until this time! And a nice compliment about my web presence!! I think I mentioned that I just finished thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman and it occurred to me that maybe I have just been hanging onto the wrong information because I am the stupid irrational idiot! I’m reading this book to find out how stupid people are and I’m finding out why I’m so well- fixed in my dumb ways! that’s the way our minds work we own something and we keep it and we don’t change our minds until we mix it up with other memories over time I guess anyway I’m rambling again and I’m going to cut this out– uh, that’s why it’s a good idea to let a potential collector put your art on their walls to see if they like it- I think.  Dad- I hope you are NOT reading this crap but if you are I still content that I DID ask you who was crazier “Idi Amin or Nixon?” in front of soldiers at Entebbe Airport in 1973 on our way back to L.A..

OK, what else did I do this week? I finished a book for a special market that I am making art for and I’m very excited about that and I guess that’s about it thank you for making it this far in my Friday post.
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