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Rock & Roll Hall of Frames

We’re (yes finally WE!) streamlining our venture for the LGM which means I will dress the part- something Lisa Adams told me to do in art school in 1997. She is the one who sent me to BN Framed in Santa Monica– where I started my real world art education- Brian, the proprietor, taught me more than anyone about the art scene in Los Angeles, told me where to go, what to watch for and who was who. Lisa also told me to focus and represent. Laddie John Dill, one of my teachers, got me my first gallery and told me to go to New York. Deborah Sussman gave me a big Josef Albers and Black Mountain Bauhaus, Roland Young was the king of a world I thought only I knew about! After being told to stay in coffee shops (like Urth) and to keep selling art out my the trunk of a Bentley SUV, I knew that it might be 20 or 30 years before I saw real financial gain (even if I was a genius bad painter) but to always remember that if making a living becomes the point of my work then I should move on to directing super bowl commercials. Now, I’ve read a lot about art (at the time- I had no interest in “art” until I started painting after a personal loss- to me Picasso and all that stuff was crap- boring- stupid- I like WW2 comic book art and Norman Rockwell- so how did I get all fucking stupid and sideways with my plans to be a commercial director? (secretly thinking I could do Dr. Pepper and not Coke or Pepsi, classic Chevy trucks and not new Fords, stuff I was into..) Maybe because making art is so addicting and yet grounding. And I sold my first paintings in art school which is a pretty great high.

I’m going to give myself another 20 years to pop this thing- one thing I am pretty sure about is that I’m not getting better per se. My techniques and process haven’t really changed and if anything, never having a real studio with high walls has kept me working small and smaller in the last few years (not tiny to make it cute), in some ways I’ve gotten worse. I think the fans of my art are suffering from a lazy like of familiarity- not learning “my” language. I’m re-listening to Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman more slowly this time and studying the cliff notes and it’s so great!- but, as a result, I have to keep reminding myself that I am not crafting- I am art painting- oh yeah books- something Gerhard Richter said in The Daily Practice of Painting was- shit- what was it- kill your darlings?- hmm- I think it was that he painted out the things he liked- something I would never do- I think I did something like that- if I sell a painting I never paint one like it again- but that’s not true! sales rarely change my work- a commercial director I worked for once said he liked the “X”s in my work and suddenly I noticed all these “X”s in my work but so the fuck what right? You hear that annoying beeping sound in your head? So- do your work and when sharing your work, if I want to sell, pay attention to context, bubble gum sticks to your price gun, and keep sharing, do my work and when sharing my work, if I want to sell, pay attention to context, stick to my price, and keep sharing.

Well so much for thinking period. Keep it so simple it’s no good. Less is more of less. Which reminds me..

to say hello to the people who have carried me this far! You know who you are Mom, Dad, Jody, Nik, Greg and Jeannie, Mia, Dave, Sam, Mr. Eliot, Missy, Steve, SW, IRV.. (I’m sorry you might have read this crap)

Am I epic logging? I don’t think so – I decided to not whine anymore but my mind is sneaky and whines anyway! DH! focus! This is what DH Arts doing this week:

What I’m doing it this: I am framing 3 pieces this week and then recontextualizing them to fit into the new rock and roll LGM-ing plan we started in 2007!

Also, I’m laying out the second installment of 50 for the “Cash 4 Your Hinnebusch” art book series, looking for young journalists to work for out collectors magazine, skull trying to learn a new font making program to design a font for the comic I’m drawing, and I started drawing again!!!- what else? showing up for my kid which is #1..

If I was a designer, I might also be doing something new for the Rams, Lions and Steelers but not some puffy fake ass bullshit..


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