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Starting Monday I will blog a bit a day. I know I’m supposed to put my eating habits on Twitter butt I’ll be doin git here if I need to fill space. Again, this is just practise. There may be no content, just me needing to develop a new habit mixed with my new years resolution to edit my posts just enough to make it readable- edit as in re-write or delete (Holy smokes I’m editing write now later in the day and WTF? what am I doing? Slow down Hennie! It’s OK- keep reading. Maybe you are saying something!) to add one more reader a month to this blogging endeavor- 12 readers by December 2016- not a lofty goal- and, as I will have 4 blogs running- a different one every day M-F (with the following names:

David Hinnebusch Artworks Blog

This, my executive control room- me asking for interaction, advice, leads- business stuff. Maybe what I’m reading, what I’m needing, bleeding or seeding…

The Starving Artist

I wanted TED to make this a bitch-fest butt instead I will make it a mix of amusing musings about money and art and living- I will make a serious attempt at sharing my findings- food, and living the artist way…

The Naked Artist

This I hope, will be a creative writing space. Hopefully no reporting,  just aesthetic bliss..

The Per Oracle Cards

Well, I’m almost out of them- the tarot cards I did the art for my friend and collector, Anyes Vanvolkenburg.  I swore I’d never do pet portraits- and I didn’t butt I did do these in Bali and received 20 cases of them in exchange for a huge painting. A project that turned into part of my California brand! This blog will be one card a day, read and applied to my inner pet. 😉

I think it will be fun.

So here my blog for today:

I am very happy today. I’m very happy that I read a book by the Dilbert guy- putting systems in place instead of having goals- this has helped- and OH MY GOD- Instagram!- I’ve have been doing a morning Instagram”TV” show called ArtBlast- blasting 50 pix from my art world in one hour- this is a big faux pax (pl. for faux pas) unless, I reason, you are an artist butt maybe I’m wrong- butt I need to get the images up so I’m up to date- I just finished the 50th episode and instead of losing followers- which I tried to do before every episode by asking them to unfollow me if they don’t want me clogging them with my crap. I have over 1800- maybe fake accounts mostly and I hope I am sure my friends are off my trail and I hope anyone who doesn’t — Anyway, the fun thing has been the naming the posts- it’s become a kind of abstract writing exercise and it’s been warming me up every morning for writing- my great American novel writing- my Green Acres meets Lord o the Rings- claiming to be fiction but all true! (That’s how Oprea will want to call me out about it on national televison- “You said you were lying but it was all true! How could you?) a novel which I am 15 years into doing. I expect to have the 1st draft finished by June of 2016. And thank God for jack grapes in the summer

As for my collectors magazine, “The Hfn no.X”, The Hinnebusch Fictitious Newsletter, I wanted to have the 1st issue published on January 1st. I have my cover picked- the artist who bought my first painting, and I have a rough idea how it will be layed out and filled- I secretly plan to expand this little rag into an award-winning publication- square and fat like ArtForum sans the snot binding. In 20 years of my practice, I have made friends with and met some amazing people and I know honoring them with allow me to fulfill a childhood dream of publishing a magazine. When I was 5 or 6, running wild at student housing on Sawtelle Blvd. in Mar Vista in the 1970, (I’m sure my editor will not let me say stuff like “The 1970” butt who gives a FUCK?) I started two businesses- maybe they only lasted a day I don’t remember. One was an art museum on the chalky hallway stair walls of our two-story Baldwin Hills Village adjacent style apartments- I think I remember pulling some guy off the street into the hallway to show him my art taped to the walls and I think I tried to get a quarter or nickel from him for the visit- I AM TOLD from a childhood friend Mike’s mom, we sold rocks on the sidewalk one summer. I can’t remember selling rocks, but I do remember returning from Africa in 1973, age 10 wanting a rock tumbler more that anything in the world- and I got one- and used it!

Oh- and I’m learning a new skill from my long list of unfinished projects going all the way back to my childhood- type design. See, I’m alse developing a comic strip like the Dilbert guy about the artist life and I’m going to use a very cool font I’m sure the Dodgers or El Lost Angels  (Our new NFL team name) will ask to use once they see it!

Thanks it, time to go home and make a sandwich- no wait I edited this and boy oh boy am I glad I did! You wouldn’t believe what cut out and added to save the day! Go Steelers!





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