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Wait Loss on Black Friday


I watch a BBC on weight-loss.  This is a calory counting documentary which I almost skip because I am a carbohydrate observer. I am a pro-bacon fat and spinach salad and anti-sugar & flour by religion Adkins and Newport 100s follower.. really a Ben and Jerrys practiser. (5)

The BBC guy found that exercising on a stationary bike (which in the progress of the show called Horizons became his traveling friend) as fast as you can for one minute in 20-second bursts three times a week was helpful in burning the fat in his blood in a very specific way specific to the technique. I found this interesting and exciting and a technique I intend to implement.) I will let you know how it goes as I have returned to the gym 3-5 times a week, 1-hour visits mostly on the treadmill. Those of you who love me know I can get a little crazy doing things.

Sales department: I’ve cut and pasted the tangents to notes. I have not edited these notes and you can use them for pricing adjustments as you see fit.

  1. Wow- so this button opens this window- but anyway it’ snot likely I will end up being a travel or weight loss blogger (blogger 2 “g”s) but I have set myself up to write using many platforms- but I am not a very good English usage writer (spelling and grammar and etc..) but anyway here I am still writing about writing knowing no one is reading this- anyway
  2.  “Cut the crap Hennabush!”
  3. It’s true- I’ve read this kind of stuff myself many times and I admit- I cringe at the thought I’m just another one of them- I know trends and fads will never roll around to anyone enjoying this kind of talk. So what I’m doing, because I am stupid, is just jumping up and writing what I was meant to write but, because I am still a stubborn idiot who thinks this need to be here for scholars in the future will keep this drivel. I know I could scare my loved ones with this nonsense- but what I say some great BBC stuff on YouTube last night and I am going to try and write about it in a coherent fashion because I thought it was cool and maybe it’s OK to keep this crap here because it is part of my writing process and maybe it will help fellow novices see what crap looks like (and I know it’s been done by others in a truly MORE artistic or pattern rich manner and perfectly grammared manner than I but hey, I’m cool with a D- or an F..
  4. Remeber what I said about the customers open: If they say “How much it that?,” don’t run them off but you might not want your art in their house unless you also want to be their psychologist for the next rest of your life. If they say “Wow I love this!” They might be lucky! Don’t forget that. It depends on how commercial your work is. My work is very personal and often lazy and garnish. I don’t care. I love the process and most times the product- as if I had a choice.
  5. I am starting a printed art magazine disguised as a private collectors catalog honoring my collectors. Life has been hard, but life is good. I am settled. I have shelter. I have a room. I have a studio. I am seeing my family almost every day. This is not a script. This is not my story. And I am finally back to writing my first novel in 40 years. I am a hard drinking hard hitting rough kind of guy. I am a peni-narcissist and I love to look at naked ladies. But that’s not why I am here. I am here, writing(1) slowly and deliberately so that you understand what I am saying. What I am saying gis this: The guy on the BBC show Horizons found that he could make a kind of health progress by doing 3 20 second sets of hyper extreme in place cycling three times a week. He also found benefits paying attention to spending too much time seated. (Google: Stan Up Desks.) OK- So I’m watching this- any second now I feel like I’m going to run off on a tangent. (Now remember you are not important so stay focused but stay free) OK- so those of you who know me know what I’m going to mention. The one small step book- the Kaizen book. I’m using the Pomodoro technique to track my time and it’s helping ( I am also about to pay $9.99 a month to boost my traffic on Instagram. I just spent $9 because it’s Black Friday to learn all about LinkenIn on Udemy. This is almost a tangent but this is really part of one long poem about time. This week I took a free class on about Growth Hack and I reviewed it on Twitter as follows: The beginning presentation was highfalutin gobbledygook, but I hung in there and got inspired!  – I got 12 favorites! One for every month of the year. I think the key was the mid-western jargon I used in the review. This ends the tangent. The point about Lynda is that the guy got me really excited because he mentioned that the guy who started Square is an artist and that he started Square because he couldn’t take credit card payments- something I have a problem with in the beginning of my art career on Venice Beach. Sorry, I’m off on a complete tangent about coincidencen which has nothing to do with breaking things down into small digestible bites. Or is there a connection to getting off on consciences even though it really means nothing other than it gets your attention?So I liked the item of 20-second bursts of exercise and I’m going to try it at the gym. I did not like hearing that the guys internal organs are covered in fat and that is a bad thing. I have a bad gut now (which I found out is OK- but I will not being doing anymore naked self-portraits until I’m back on my Atkins w/ cigarettes diet- hey wow I’m trying a funny guy thing here- not anyway to sell art- remember- comedy is only chicken shit fake self-deprecation- just stand there quietly the intuitively correct about of time and then just as it feels uncomfortable say: “Would you like to buy this painting?”(4)Oh- and I also watched one about irrationality and.. something else- how we make decisions. It was a fantastic BBC on just how irrational we are about so many things- prices- shoot I’m drawing a blank- ah I liked an experiment they did on prices- showing people a “fake random” number in part one and how it affected their guess of a price of a bottle of booze.

    So ends the idea that I will ever blog again. I will not write a book or make a magazine. I will not make a movie or sell chocolate chip ice-cream or fly an F-4 (I don’t want to fly an F-4), but if you need some writing that sounds like a crazy guy wrote it- I’m your guy!

    Woah! woah-woah! Not so fast happy face. Just stop- your gosh darn Pomodoro buzzer went off 15 minutes ago. Take a break- go back to the top and start again.. OK I’m not doing that. I’ll just get back to sharing what I think is cool which is why people read blogs.


So this was just a note. It reminds me to read more Jeremy Cambell (I have all his books now!)

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