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Hfn13 February 20 2013

HFNno.13 The Hinnebusch Fictitious Monthly, Weekly sometimes Daily Newsletter by Los Angeles artist David Hinnebusch and his trustworthy sidekick Pablum Pickerasso*

THIS ISSUE: editors note + [art food music film writing life help & the business and creativity, etc.]

"Calling" painting. 3 abstract figures cross the path of a woman with smeared lipstick calling on her mobile phone

Calling 72 x 54 in. acrylic and imagery on canvas

editors note

Sneaking an extra post in. I took 2 months to write the first post and actually post it. I’m in crisis but I really feel like I need to start writing if only here. In 9 days I leave Malibu maybe for good it is really too soon to tell. My friend gave me a bunch of t-shirts (I’m running low- I’ve had the same very amazing designer fancy Italian dutch whatever- G-Start (I’m not braggin’- my good friend Jody owned a very fancy men’s clothing store on Main Street USA in Santa Monica, California and with-in a year of hanging out with him and his soon to be wife Niki Rae (and old friend who I reconnected with when I was selling art (doing my so called “Hinne-100 Project”{The Hinne-100 Project was a goal I set to sell 100 paintings on Venice Beach started in November 2001 and completed April 22 2003 The Hinne-100 Project Poster} ). She’d had actually brought Jody down to the boardwalk to see my work and there she was: tall skinny pink hair and tattoos from chest to toe!- (Jody looks like a good lookin’ Johnney Cash with a pair of rock ’em sock em biceps- I’m writing about my friends this is weird- I know they wouldn’t mind but wtf? Oh- I writing this for my kid to rad when he is older and I’m 90 (I hope) and you- the one person interested not yet burned out by my contrant mail chimping and sell sell selling- WHICH IS ABOUT TO CHANGE I TELL YA! -The plane in 1994 was (after 5 years in post and then production:PA[100+ jobs/AD[10? jobs/PRODUCING [3 jobs] a shot directors reel called “The Dirctors Reel”- the broken Thermos™ glass trailer to the movie made of commercials (really)– AND I did get a live nibble- I’d dropped the reel off at Chiat- Day pretending to be the delivery person and Kecia Benvenuto called me a few days later wanting to know who I was etc… back to the clothes my friend gave me a shirt that says “Life is Beautiful- but this sucks!”- I wore it inside out all day! 🙂






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