Page 80 or so..

Hey I’m writing ✍️ this from my 📱 listening to Hergest Ridge by Mike Oldfield- I listen to that and Ommadawn, Crises, Five Miles Out, QE2 regularity. They still hit the spot. Weird, I have been going back to the white album and  recently and it hasn’t done the job.- one of my all time

04 Aug 2018

Just hit page 50

No time to blog. Just hit page 50 of the “pilot” and wondering if many of them will be quartered to boot.  ALso about to launch the Patreon page! Add to this page

16 Jul 2018

The Cinema as Art

Reading a little bit of “The Cinema as Art” by Ralph Stephenson and J.R. Debrix. Both spent time in concentration camps in WW2. One in the South Pacific and the other in Europe. I bought it and 4 other film books at Counterpoint Books and Records on Franklin Ave. in Hollywood. I never went there

03 Jul 2018

July 2 2018 Update

Hey- Have not been here for 8 months!!!! I’ve been writing- currently up to the end of Season 7 of my TV show- The Lost Angels Guide to Psychic Awareness, when in my heros, me and Walty my funny writing partner have grinded to a halt and are now trying to quit the business altogether.

02 Jul 2018


oh crap, I don’t have time to write down all the groovy things I did today one of which was not writing damn it! But I did the stairs and I had coffee with my old guitar player Mike Caulder about the good old days and now I am sitting here to start Season 06

01 Nov 2017

Update 10/29/2017

Years. Years have passed. I’m writing every day, trying to sell art, and trying to sell apparel with my art on it. Last week I dipped into my prudent reserve to buy samples of active leggings for women with my art on them, the Hinneline label. Yesterday I headed out to Beverly Hills to deliver a

30 Oct 2017

Auctioning Art on eBay!

I have artworks on paper for the latest 100 Days, 100 Paintings, 100 Bucks “event” on eBay here. Also, check out my shop: 🙂    

28 Jul 2017

Season 3 Episode 1

Wow. I’m here. I went to my first Screenplay workshop last night- called the tribe at the Unurban Cafe. It was a fantastic but fuzzy experience. I’m starting Season 3 Episode 1 of my Fake(TV)show and all is lost- a complete disaster! I’ve been getting up for good and early to write for 4-5 hours every morning a

26 Jun 2017

10 Years Since Jack Grapes & Season 3 Finale Image

Plugging away at my writing project, The Fake(TV)Show. I’m well into the 2nd draft of Season 2 Episode 3. I have my characters, a “5- man band” inverted, but still deeply divided here. There are enough gags to mist the surface of a swimming pool, and I’ve added a trendy new absence-of-field format. Not sure

30 May 2017

1st Post in 2017

Well, I’m pretty sure I’m writing this to myself only. For the record. 2016 was a fantastic year. Hardest yet, but best yet. I am so grateful to the family and friends that have carried me through these new times. My hope of course is that I can give back somehow. As of 2017 I’m

19 Jan 2017
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