oh crap, I don’t have time to write down all the groovy things I did today one of which was not writing damn it! But I did the stairs and I had coffee with my old guitar player Mike Caulder about the good old days and now I am sitting here to start Season 06

01 Nov 2017

Update 10/29/2017

Years. Years have passed. I’m writing every day, trying to sell art, and trying to sell apparel with my art on it. Last week I dipped into my prudent reserve to buy samples of active leggings for women with my art on them, the Hinneline¬†label. Yesterday I headed out to Beverly Hills to deliver a

30 Oct 2017

Auctioning Art on eBay!

I have artworks on paper for the latest 100 Days, 100 Paintings, 100 Bucks “event” on eBay here. Also, check out my shop: ūüôā    

28 Jul 2017

Season 3 Episode 1

Wow. I’m here. I went to my first Screenplay workshop¬†last night- called the tribe at the Unurban¬†Cafe. It was a fantastic¬†but fuzzy experience. I’m starting Season 3 Episode 1 of my Fake(TV)show and all is lost- a complete disaster! I’ve been getting up for good and early to write for 4-5 hours every morning a

26 Jun 2017

10 Years Since Jack Grapes & Season 3 Finale Image

Plugging away at my writing project, The Fake(TV)Show. I’m well into the 2nd draft of Season 2 Episode 3. I have my characters, a “5- man band” inverted, but still deeply divided here. There are enough gags to mist the surface of a swimming pool, and I’ve added a trendy new absence-of-field format. Not sure

30 May 2017

1st Post in 2017

Well, I’m pretty sure I’m writing this to myself only. For the record. 2016 was a fantastic year. Hardest yet, but best yet. I am so grateful to the family and friends that have carried me through these new times. My hope of course is that I can give back somehow. As of 2017 I’m

19 Jan 2017

Mown Down Lawn Yawn

Super excited about Printful’s new stretchy sublimation printing dresses! I ‘m also going to finally bust out my tablet if and only if I would draw up in here on the blog page- I had a crazy scary dream about a pack of Great White sharks going after people walking along a steep boulder-ish curve

05 Oct 2016

Moaning Glory

Remember you aren’t always writing for people like yourself. ¬†I spent yesterday morning looking into setting up a Patreon page. This could be good. Maybe Patreon will be my channel- I mean maybe Youtube will just be the¬†arm-toe. Anyway, I’m no comet. Les Plesko sad to think¬†you left 3 years ago. Hey you, thank you

03 Oct 2016

Checking in with my blog

Today¬†I devote some time to a¬†crowd funding page on¬†  

02 Oct 2016

Tuesday 21 Juin 2016

Plugging away at the plan I started 20 years ago. Feeling fantastically blessed.

21 Jun 2016
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