David Hinnebusch Artworks FAQ

This is not really an FAQ yet.


Q: What style of art do you call your work?

A: I call it punk rock expressionism.


Q: Do you make a living on your art?

A: Yes. Click here to read an interesting article.


Q: Where can I learn more about your work and career?

A: You can take a tour of my career on my website or you can see some press clippings of your work? There is also a Wiki paintings page here.


Q: Do you have a shop?

A: Yes. Here.


Q: DO you have a CV?

A: Kind of. I'm outside the art-world so these shows are not approved by the league of art voters union. They are punk rock.


Q: You seem to love boobs and being naked in your art. If that is true, why is that?

A: I used to love being naked and I love staring for hours on end at naked women. Working with live models is an appropriate way to enjoy the female form. As for myself, I'm not a narcissist, but maybe an expressionist exhibitionist, I was asked to be a figure model in my art school and it was personally enthralling. I recommend it. Standing completely still, naked and loved by other artists is a wonderful thing to experience.




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